12 reasons to work with us

• International Network, Local Knowledge

Having offices, equity partners and associates in more than 50 countries has enabled clients to hold their exhibitions and events seamlessly and even simultaneously in every city they go to.

• Quality Assurance in Design

Having consistently won the best design awards in major shows over the past 20 years has made Conceptcoms a household name when it comes to designing an exhibit, event or interior. With these accolades and our eye for good design, we have successfully provided many clients with visualization services.

• Integrated Solutions Provider

Having all types of designers under-one-roof has its advantage of ensuring consistency in design especially if an integrated-look is desired. Conceptcoms has ensured this through its design human resource policy of hiring the different types of designers to maintain a balanced, consistent quality image for the client’s exhibit programmes, their brochures, their videos and even in their offices. Our team of experienced project managers will also be able to assist on this, if required.

• Client-focused NOT Show-focused

Unlike official contractors who are more likely to ensure that the majority of the shell-scheme stands are ready for the show opening, we pride ourselves in giving undivided attention in ensuring client’s stand is completed on time. We need not contingent on manpower resource to service mass-order requirements as we are only obligated to you – Our Client!

• Similar Project Experience

Having worked in more than 50 countries and perhaps 100 cities collectively, our staffs dedicated to the project possess extensive global experience and local knowledge will put on our client’s mind in peace when executing projects in any part of the world.

• Best Experienced Project Team

Each of our core staff has, an average, ten years of experience in the business. This translates into more expert advice and recommendation, sharper troubleshooting, and the most cost effective solutions to meet your needs. Whether it is design, production, quotation evaluation or even budgeting, our team’s expertise brings to you the resources of many industry professionals rolled into one.

• Project-value Credentials

We have worked on projects of more than USD 1 million in a single project, be it in exhibitions or interiors. These experienced project managers who worked on them are still in our team today.

• Cost Effectiveness

With its enormous project experience in creating exhibits around the world, we understand the concept of time in determining how much a project may cost. We will advise clients in the most cost-effective method of exhibiting based on the time frame, locations and frequency of use.

• Competitiveness

Aside from having its own fabrication facilities and warehouses in strategic countries, its wide repertoire of specialist sub-contractors, Conceptcoms is able to stage value-for-money projects.

• Track Record

Having been around since 1992 has shown that Conceptcoms is a resolute and resilient design and production outfit. In good times and bad times, it has successfully implemented exhibit programmes, around the world for many an MNC or Government ministries.

• Response Time

We are ever ready to stretch ourselves to ensure that our client’s requests are met soonest possible, way ahead of our competitors.

• After Sales Service

We pride ourselves on service. But it does not stop when an event ends. Once you have worked with us, we are most happy to ensure that you receive continued obligatory advice for your next event.

… we could have given more